Vedic Astrology Consultation with Dhruv Mehta

A glimpse of what you will get in the consultation

And of course, clear answers to all of your own questions

Know Your Unique Gifts

Know the unique combination of your inner resources. Discover your real strengths and weaknesses. Know your true potential and how to activate it by either transforming or bypassing your weakness.

Your Karmic Mission and Lessons

Find out what is the karmic mission of your soul during this lifetime. Learn about your karmic mission and lessons – what is it that you are here to experience and what it is that you are here to learn. 

Seasons of Your Life

 Know what to expect in different seasons of your life. Align your actions with the seasons of your life for maximum growth and minimum losses. 

Potential in different life areas

Know the potential you have in different areas of life like health, love, family, finance, country of residence, profession or any other area that interests you. 

Guidance to help you make better decisions

Get a clear picture of the trajectories of your different choices, and make better decisions with confidence.

Get powerful practices for transformation

Discover powerful holistic tools for transformation like meditations, mantras, recommended books and go beyond your karmic limitations.

Best Astrological Guidance to help you

Make Better Decisions And Resolve Your Dilemmas

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Choose Your Consultation

Standard Consultation

200 max. 90 minutes
  • 1 standard consultation

3X Consultations

400 3 standard consultations within 12 months
  • Pay for 2, get 3 standard consultations
  • Consult any time within a year
  • Gift / Share consultation with a friend
Most Popular

Mini Consultation

70 max. 30 minutes
  • 1 short consultation
  • Email, Zoom or Skype

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