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Build life on your strenghts

Know the unique combination of your inner resources. Discover your real strengths and weaknesses. Know your true potential and build your life on your strengths. 


Harmonize Your Love Life

Check compatibility with your partner. Communicate with your partner in their ‘inner language’. Find ways to rekindle the fire of love and learn how to keep it alive. 


Make Best Professional Decisions

Get help choosing best profession, choosing between multiple jobs or projects and choosing the right employee for the right job.


Improve Health & Vitality

Know your weak body parts or systems and prevent or minimise the damage from ailments. Get tips for diet and practices to improve your vitality.

Planatery periods

Use Seasons of Your Life

Know what to expect in different seasons of your life. Align your actions with the seasons of your life for maximum growth and minimum losses.

Take control

Create Change With Powerful Practices

Discover powerful holistic tools for transformation like meditations, mantras, recommended books and go beyond your karmic limitations.

Best Astrological Guidance to help you

Make Better Decisions And Resolve Your Dilemmas

Meet Dhruv Mehta

Dhruv Mehta

Astrologer, Personal Growth Coach, Spiritual Guide

Definitely an unusual combination – an astrologer who is also a personal growth coach, isn’t it?

But that’s what Dhruv does. He is one of those rare astrologers who do not believe that everything in life is predestined, well, few things are but not all. 

And that’s why his consultations are not simply about predicting your future. If you are interested, he will guide you to create changes you desire in your life with the use of powerful personal transformation tools and techniques. 

If you want not only to know about yourself and your future but also become a co-creator of your destiny, then Dhruv might be your best choice as your Astrologer.

Dhruv got initiated into Vedic Astrology and spiritual traditions at a very early age of 13 by his grandfather, who was a staunch follower of Bhraminic practices. 

By education, Dhruv is an Industrial Electronics Engineer. But he never worked as an engineer, well, not exactly never. In 1997 he got a job in R&D of an engineering company, but on the first day of that job he got  invited to participate in an International Astrological Conference in north India. He chose to participate in the astrology conference. His first day of job was also his last day as an engineer, something he never regrets about. 

Since beginning his study of astrology, it took 7 and a half years for Dhruv to give his first professional consultation in 1996. The same year he also began his teaching. 

In fact, while he was studying engineering, he was invited by his astrology mentor Samir Patel to co-create an Astrology Course for the Navgujarat Multicourse Institute organised by the Navgujarat College, Ahmedabad, India. That was 1996 – a student of engineering became a teacher of Astrology. 

It’s been 25 years (in 2021) since Dhruv has been consulting and teaching Vedic Astrology to thousands of people from all parts of the world. He often travels to do consultations and trainings to most of the European capitals for about past 15 years. He is also hugely popular in Russia and Russian speaking countries.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

What information do I need to give to have this consultation?

Your birth date, birth time and birth place (town and country name)

Suppose I know I was born between 04:00 and 04:30, but not precise minute. What then?

If your birth time falls between several minutes of gap then we can rectify it during the consultation. We might need to spend few minutes to find as precise birth time as we can.

What if I don't have birth time? Or I just know I was born around lunch time, or morning hours. What then?

If your birth time falls between a gap of more than an hour or you have no clear idea, then you can ask for 'Birth Time Rectification'. We provide this as additional service. When you order rectification (finding your birth time), we will send you a questionnaire to collect information about your past and Dhruv will work out your birth time using backward calculations from the events of your life. For birth time rectification request, send a message using the form at the bottom of this page.

Can I change date and time of consultation after booking?

In the unusual circumstances when you must change your appointment time, please contact us as soon as possible. We will do our best to offer you alternative times.

Can I record the consultation?

Absolutely. We know it is hard to remember everything and also not very productive to communicate while you are taking notes. So you are free to record the consultation. Services like Zoom and Skype have inbuilt recording capabilities which you can use to record.

Can I ask about other people during my consultation?

Basically the consultation is focused on one person. However, you may ask a couple of question about another person. Or one question each about two more people. But we suggest to keep the focus on only one person during the consultation.

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