21 Days Mind Detox Program

This is a 21 days of intensive inner-work that leads to self-healing. Mind Detox essentially means - to release mental patterns and unproductive behaviour that hold us back from living a happy and harmonious life.

Dhruv · October 2, 2021

You know it, how those self-critical inner voices bash you when you make a mistake, or when you don’t do something that is expected of you.

You already know that the biggest obstacle to live a happy and harmonious life is inside you – your own mind.

You’ve experienced those limiting patterns like self-criticism, addiction to comfort zone, unstoppable worrying, self-loathing, uncontrolled bursts of anger, procrastination, fear of failure…the list could go on and on…but you’ve experienced how they hold you back from living your life.

Why not try and attempt to release them from your system, just as you’d release bodily toxins, why not give a try to release these mental toxins?

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