Mystical Language Of Vedic Astrology

Dhruv · October 8, 2021

This group is meant for a 21 days program dedicated to learn  the language of Vedic Astrology. At the end of these 21 days, you will be able to…

🔴 Know what stops you from achieving what you want (eg: prosperity, love, happiness, job-satisfaction) and discover ways to overcome obstacles

🔴 Understand your inner resources and how to build a life on your uniqueness

🔴 Learn to see who you are behind your masks – the real you and know your own ‘inner language’ – what motivates you

🔴 Learn to communicate with important people in your life based on their ‘inner language’

🔴 Know your karmic blocks and ‘gifts’

🔴 Learn about your ‘seasons of life’ and use them to maximise success or minimise losses

🔴 Be the co-creator of your destiny

And once you learn this, you can use the same knowledge not only for yourself but for anyone you care for.

Who Can Join

This program is especially useful if you are…

🟩 Interested in personal growth

🟩 A parent

🟩 HR Professional (To understand the potential of a candidate for the job)

🟩 Psychologist / Therapist (to get a different perspective on your client)

🟩 Life Coaches

🟩 Someone who loves to guide and help others

However, there are no specific requirements to join this program. Anyone with or without previous knowledge can join this program.

ONLY one requirement to join the group is that you should be either in my friend list on FB or you must be invited by a friend who is in the group. This is to avoid spending time on moderation and hassle of handling unsolicited comments from complete strangers on social media.

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