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Lesson 02: Birth Chart

Dhruv October 8, 2021

If there is a 360º image capture camera, and if someone clicks a picture of the space at the moment of your birth, from the place of your birth, than what you get is your birth chart or your horoscope. 

Therefore, the birth chart (sanskrit = Janma kundli / janma chakra) is nothing but the map of the space with all the planets in the actual position as visible from the place of your birth at the moment of your birth. As simple as that. 

And it also means, that if two people are born at the same moment at different place, this map would also be little different, since the image is captured from different location. And it also means that if two people are born in the same place but at a different time, then also the map would be different. 

It must be clear to you by now that to create a birth chart, we need the exact coordinate of space-time. Which means, birth date, birth time and birth place. 

3 Layers Of The Birth Chart

North Indian Style Birth Chart
South Indian Style Birth Chart
Circular Birth Chart

The image you see above is an example of a birth chart. 

All three are just different forms of the same birth chart. One of them is the North Indian chart, which we will use in this group. Other is the south-Indian chart and third is the circular form. But there is no difference in the information contained in them. 

In fact the houses represent the earth, which is circular, but since it was inconvenient to create circles without tools before thousand years, they’d create such rectangular boxes. But it must be clear to you that even if the birth chart looks rectangular / square, it is a representation of the circular earth. 

Every birth chart has three layers in it. 

Layer 1: Houses 

The empty birth chart looks like what you see in the image above. You can see here are 12 boxes, in astrology they are called houses.

In our homes we have closets with different shelves, and we put different things in each drawer so when you to find medicines, you open the drawer of medicines, when you want to find documents, you open the drawer of documents. 

Imagine, if your life is a closet then these 12 houses are like 12 drawers of your life. They contain everything about you. Whatever it is about you, your body, your money, your family, love, profession, health, success, your children, mom, dad, possessions, friends, troubles…everything about you is somewhere in one of these 12 boxes. 

At the end of this lesson you will see what to see in each house – well not everything but some of the basic things

For everyone’s chart, these 12 houses are fixed. It means the house number 1 is the house number 1 in each horoscope and same with all 12 houses. And since they are fixed, we do not write the number of houses in the birth chart. 

Then why do we see these numbers in the birth chart? The answer is below in the next section. 

Layer 2: Signs 

As you can see in the above image, this is the chart of the one and only Dr. Albert Einstein. As I said earlier, the houses are fixed so we don’t write their number, but still you see the numbers in these charts. 

The numbers you see are the number of signs in each house. For example in this chart, the number 3 is in the house 1, which means, that in the house 1, sign Gemini is present. Now once it is calculated that which sign comes in to the house number 1 (you will alway see ASC, written in the house 1), rest of the signs fall in sequence in remaining houses. 

Layer 3: Nine Planets

In Vedic Astrology for individuals, we primarily use 9 heavenly bodies, called as ‘graha’ in Sanskrit, in English we call them planets. But don’t take it literally, because Sun or Moon are not planets in scientific terms, but in Astrology you call them planets. In Sanskrit the word ‘graha’ is more accurate – graha means the one who grabs you ‘captures’ you or rather, who influences you.

So basically we use 9 grahas (planets) Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu (both Rahu and Ketu are not physical objects in the space but mathematical points and they are linked to your karmic journey and you’ll know about them at the right time).

You’ll see these planet’s short form written in the chart usually in the form shown below…

  • Sun = Su,
  • Moon = Mo
  • Mars = Ma
  • Mercury = Me
  • Jupiter = Ju
  • Venus = Ve
  • Saturn = Sa
  • Rahu = Ra
  • Ketu = Ke

What To See From Each House

That’s about it guys for today!

I am sure you’d be excited to make your own birth chart. I am going to share the link tomorrow…don’t hurry, and don’t go on any random link on internet. I am backed by the world’s best astrological software on my website. Don’t search, I will share the link tomorrow.