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Lesson 14: Lord of House, Character of Planets and Types of Houses

Dhruv October 20, 2021

By now, you know that houses are fixed. You also know that basically planets are positioned in signs. But based on the birth time, your ascending sign is decided and thereby, it is decided that which sign goes into your first house and then based on that, rest of the signs fall into respective houses. 

You also know that planets have their fixed significations, or that planets are Karaka of certain things in life. For example Sun is the karaka of soul, health and Father, Moon is the karaka of mother, emotional state etc, Jupiter is the karaka of children and likewise. So these Karaka are the same for everyone. Like Jupiter is the karaka of children for every person. But planets can also be responsible for other things in every chart, and it would be different for each chart. And that takes us to today’s first concept. 

Concept 1: House Lord / Owner of House 

In each birth chart, every house is owned by a planet. The planet becomes the owner of a house is like the guardian of the matters of that house. 

For example, let’s say that in a birth chart Jupiter becomes the owner of second house, in technical terms, we say that jupiter is Second House Lord or Finance House Lord or Lord of Finance or Lord of Second – they are all different ways to say the same thing. In Sanskrit, House Lord is called Bhavadhipati. And in that case, Jupiter becomes responsible for what happens to your finance. 

So how to find the House Lords?

It is rather simple. Read this few times until it makes sense…it might look complicated, but it is really simple. 

Lord (owner) of a House is the planet, which is the Lord (owner) of the Sign in that house. 

In case you forgot, here’s the table to remind you which planet owns which sign. 

 Planet OwnsSign Number
Sun 5
Mars 1 and 8 
Mercury3 and 6
Jupiter 9 and 12
Venus 2 and 7
Saturn 10 and 11

Let’s understand the Lord of House based on this example chart. 

In this chart, apply the principle…

Owner of the house is the planet that is the owner of the sign in that house. 

Let’s learn this from the example chart below and a table under it.

House Nr.Sign in the houseOwner of signOwner of House
35Sun Sun 
46Mercury Mercury 
57 Venus Venus
810Saturn Saturn 
1012Jupiter Jupiter 
122Venus Venus 

I believe it shouldn’t be difficult for you to understand the owner of the house or the lord of the house concept by now. 


The owner of the house is the owner of the sign in that house

Let’s move to the next concept.

Concept 2: Natural Character of Planets

Jupiter and Venus are naturally benefic (positive) planets or as they are called in Sanskrit – Shubha Graha

Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu should be considered as naturally malefic (tough ones) or as they are called in Sanskrit as Pap-graha. 

However, here don’t think purely in terms of positive and negative. Instead think of it like in terms of behaviour. Shubha Graha (natural benefices) are those who bring things easily in life, while Pap-Graha are the ones who bring challenges, difficulties in life. 

Don’t worry, over the next days you’ll get clarity about these roles. For now the only use of this concept is in service of the next concept – Concept 3. 

Concept 3: Types of Houses

We can classify houses in 3 types. 

1) Kendra Houses

Houses 1, 4, 7, 10 are called Kendra houses. 

Kendra is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘centre’ but in English they are called Quadrant houses. 

Kendra houses are very important because they are like the centre of the birth chart. 

Imagine, in a country there is a man with best, workable, noble plan to create significant changes. But this man lives in a small village, far far away…now this man’s plans are very positive but he has no impact because whether one is constructive or devilish, in order to get your plans implemented you need to be at the centre…like in country, a person who is average, not constructive, not intelligent but if this person is part of the parliament or government than this person has more influence than even the noblest and most intelligent guy who is not part of the government. 

So Kendra houses are like the parliament of a country…planets in these houses have more influence (constructive or destructive, depending on the quality of planets) on the birth chart than any other planets. 

2) Trikon Houses

Trikon is a Sanskrit word that literally means triangle. In the birth chart, house 1, 5 and 9 are trikon houses. 

They are the most auspicious houses. In the sense that even a bad planet sitting here has to help you. 

And yes, if you’ve noticed, house 1 – Ascendent is both, a Kendra and a Trikon. 

3) Dusthana 

Dusthana is a Sanskrit word that literally means bad-places. 

House 6, 8 and 12 are called Dusthana in the birth chart. I like to compare them to jail.

6 is about illness and troubles, and conflicts, 8 is about accidents, injuries, mishaps and 12th is about losses. All of these houses are considered generally bad or negative or difficult. 

If a natural benefic (shubh-graha) is sitting in a dusthana, it becomes weaker…very much like putting a good guy in jail. 

If a natural malefic is in dusthana, it loses some of it’s malefic qualities – very much like putting a bad guy in jail. 

I guess this is too much to chew on one day. 

Today’s Task

  1. Write the name of your ascending sign. 
  2. Write the name of the lord of the house of mother, children and father in your birth chart. 
  3. In which sign is the lord of your 7th house sitting and in which house it is sitting?
  4. Which planets are in Kendra (house 1, 4, 7, 10), Trikona (house 1, 5, 9) and Dusthana (house 6, 8, 12) in your chart?

That’s about it for today!