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Heliocentric VS Geocentric View and Astrology

Dhruv November 18, 2021

Geocentric Astrology 

What would you see if you are standing somewhere on the Sun and looking at the night sky?

You might say, first of all, there will be no night sky if I am on the Sun and second, I’d have vaporised long before I reach the Sun. 

Well, I know these objections, but this is a thought experiment. And in the spirit of thought experiment, I’d say, if you look at the sky from a point on the Sun, you’d see all the planets of the solar system orbiting around the Sun. Right? It’d appear to you that the Sun is the centre and all other heavenly bodies revolve around it. Now in technical terms, this is called the Heliocentric view – the view where Sun is at the centre. 

But then what happens to us? We are on the earth, and we are viewing the sky from where we are, and we don’t see that the Sun is the centre. In our experience, we experience that all planets, all heavenly bodies including the Sun are circling our earth. To us, our earth is the centre. And this view where the earth is the centre, the view that we see from the earth is called the Geocentric view. 

Is the Sun based Heliocentric view correct and the earth based Geocentric view incorrect? 

No. The simple reason is just as the earth revolves rounds the Sun once every year, the Sun revolves around the centre of the Milky Way Galaxy and that takes about 225 to 250 million earth years. And then the Milky Way Galaxy itself is running away from the centre of the Universe. So neither the Heliocentric view is absolute, nor the Geocentric view is absolute. 

But since we live on earth, we experience things based on how they affect the earth. Take for example seasons. We experience seasons based on how the Sun affects us. 

And therefore, our Astrology is a Geocentric Astrology. Where we consider movement of Sun, Moon and planets as seen or experienced from the earth.