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Lesson 03: Create Your Birth Chart and Know Your True Sign

Dhruv October 9, 2021

One of the most important thing in a birth chart is the Ascendant. Basically the House number 1 in every chart is called the Ascendent (Janma Lagna or just Lagna in Sanskrit). If you are not sure about House numbers (they are not written in any birth chart because they are fixed), then revisit lesson 02.

That’s why you’ll always see ASC or AS or Lg (lagna in Sanskrit) written in the first house of every chart. This house represents the direction East, the 7th house represents the direction West. And the first house is called Ascendant because it contains the Ascending Sign (Lagna Rashi in Sanskrit, where Rashi means Sign).

So basically what we do is, based on your birth date, time and place, we calculate with complex mathematical calculations, which sign is present in the East direction at the moment of your birth in the place you are born.

So let’s say, if the part of space represented by sign Capricorn (sign number 10) is in the East direction in the place where you were born at the moment of your birth, we can say Capricorn is rising in the East at the moment of your birth, what it means, is that this sign goes into your first House and then all other signs follow next houses. 

The sign that comes in your first sign is what is called your Ascending Sign or Lagna Rashi. But I like to call it your ‘Real Sign’ or your true sign.

Why? Because, Sun sign stays the same for 30 days, Moon Sign stays the same for 2 and a quarter days for all the people born within that time frame anywhere in the world. ….only ascending sign changes faster, it is only the Ascending sign that is based on your birth date, time and place.

Using Sun signs is like sending a letter to you and just writing the name of your country. Using moon signs is like writing a letter to you but just writing the name of your town. Using Ascendant sign is like using the exact address including house number and street number for that letter.

Your ascending sign carries the information about your true character, your behaviour etc. Other signs – sun and moon signs are for play, to read on a long flight or on your long stopover…they are interestingly written but not the real thing. 

Finding Your True (Ascending) Sign

If you have your birth chart, it is pretty simple. Look at what number is in the House 1. The number represented by that sign is your True Sign. 

In the example chart above, you see, number 3 in the As (ascendant) or the first house, and from lesson 1, should remember that sign 3 means Gemini. Therefore we can say that this guy’s Ascending Sign is Gemini.

Here is a file for you to download, just in case you don’t remember the sequence and numbers of signs. 

Create Your Birth Chart

Well, well, well…it’s time that you create your birth chart with the world’s Best Astrological Software, which is the most accurate in it’s calculations among all I came across and hence, it is the one that I personally use for my consultations and also is integrated in one of my websites.

Step 1: Fill in the details including your name, gender, date and time

Step 2: Select your country, if applicable, you can also select state or oblast or region and finally write the name of the town you were born.

Step 3: After selecting the town, you need to press ‘validate’ button because it is possible that same country has more than one town with same name…you will see options, if you are confused, check the coordinates on internet and choose the correct option of your town and press ‘validate’

Step 4: Press Submit and your birth chart will be created. 

Click here to create your birth chart.


If you still need help, click on this link to see a video on how to create your birth chart. 

Today’s Task

  • Create your birth chart using this link
  • Look at the number in your birth chart’s first house
  • Which sign is represented by that number? That sign is your Ascending sign, or as I say, your True Sign
  • Post here in the comment which is your true sign – just the number or the name.
  • Whenever you can during the day, take the quiz which is here below.

Have a great day!

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