Life Skills

6 crucial skills to help you navigate through the journey of life

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6 Life Skills

To help you make the journey of life meaningful, productive and less stressful


Awareness and Self-observation

The base of all personal transformation is self awareness. It all starts by observing yourself, everything that goes inside of us. And this skill can be developed and enhanced. 


Emotional Alchemy

You know better, how often your emotions have let you down. What if we can learn to manage them so that instead of being their captives, we can harness their power?


Clarity of Needs and Values

A lot of suffering comes not because we don’t manage to get what we want. Instead, a lot of suffering comes because often there is no clarity of what we really want. But you will be able to change that. 


Connecting With Others

No matter how smart, intelligent, prosperous or powerful you are, you will in the end need other people – to love, to be loved, to care, to be cared and so on. You will discover some proven ways to deepen connection with others.


Overcoming Procrastination

Don’t you wish if you could overcome procrastination and instead do what needs to be done, even those trivial but unavoidable things in time, life would be more productive and less stressful?


A Surprise

Honestly, I don’t have any other skill in mind. But if i don’t use this block, it would break the design. So let there be surprise, and just for aesthetics );

Life Skills

A Free course

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